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It's a SNAP to WRAP!

Here's how!

(This is the front of a ReWrapables.)
STEP 1: Lay out your ReWrapables with the inside facing up.
STEP 2: Place your gift centered on the ReWrapables.

TIP: If your gift is smaller than the ReWrapables, you can wrap tissue paper around your gift for a more snug fit within the wrapping.
STEP 3: Fold down one of the edges that has multiple snap settings.
STEP 4: Fold the opposite side in and snap on the appropriate snap setting for a snug fit.
STEP 5: Fold the remaining side with multiple snap settings in.
STEP 6: Fold the last side in and snap on the appropriate snap setting.
Tuck any edges in.
Flip it over and add ribbon and a bow! You can also use a safety pin or tape to attach To/From tags to the ReWrapables. ReWrapables can be ordered with ribbon and/or a bow sewn on for even easier wrapping.
Track your ReWrapables
Enter the tracking number on your ReWrapables: