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Want to be more environmentally friendly? Hate throwing away wrapping paper? Save money, time and the environment by using ReWrapables!

What are ReWrapables?
ReWrapables are fabric gift wrap. ReWrapables come in various styles from flat sheets of fabric to gift bags with optional ribbon already attached. They are a great way to wrap any present. Best of all, they can be re-used/recycled over and over.

What are the benefits of ReWrapables?
  • Save time - ReWrapables are simple and quick to use. No need to go hunting for scissors, tape and ribbon.
  • Save money - use your ReWrapables year after year!
  • Give our forests a break - you can feel great about reusing your ReWrapables over and over rather than throwing away wrapping paper (and tape and bows) each year.
  • Improve the look of your gifts - for those of us that have trouble wrapping gifts perfectly, ReWrapables gift bags and snapable gift wrap make creating a beautifully wrapped present so easy.
  • It's trackable - ReWrapables have unique tracking numbers sewn inside so you can keep a record of who receives a gift in that ReWrapable.
  • Reduce the "big mess" - you know, that big mess of wrapping paper strewn about your living room on Christmas morning or after your child's birthday party? With ReWrapables, you can just fold them up and put them away rather than picking up lots of small paper pieces and tape.
Tips for using ReWrapables
  • ReWrapables come in a variety of sizes and patterns to fit nearly any gift or occasion. You can even order your ReWrapables with ribbon already sewn on - gift wrapping doesn't get any easier!
  • Wrap your gift in a little bit of tissue paper and then put it in your ReWrapables. The tissue paper can be folded up and stored with your ReWrapables for the next year.
  • Attach gift tags with safety pins or thread. Save old Christmas cards and cut them up for gift tags.
  • ReWrapables can be washed in the washing machine on delicate and hung to dry.

Each year at Christmas time, I spend hours wrapping presents only to see it ripped open and the wrapping thrown away. One day I had an idea - ReWrapables - fabric gift wrap that made it quick to wrap a present and could be reused over and over. And then I had an even better idea - a Trackable ReWrapable - so you can keep a log of everyone who had enjoyed opening a gift in that ReWrapable. Happy wrapping!

- Monique (creator of ReWrapables)
Track your ReWrapables
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